We Are

We are a servicing and supporting organization to our National Retail Organizations which are mainly consist of independent retailers/dealers, using our brand to become stronger and successful together! We are bundling our international power & retail knowledge with the national essence of our National Retail Organizations, producing a winning retail formula. We are enlarging the position of our National Retail Organizations using our profound Best Retail Practices from all of our countries.


  • October 16, 1967 the foundation of The Intercop GmbH, Zurich, Switzerland by representatives of six national retail organizations. Founded by Gunnar Nygren, the great and charismatic visionary of Expert.
  • March 30, 1971 the company was renamed in Expert International GmbH.  That was the beginning of the Expert growth story – other companies started to join. The Expert trademark was internationally registered.
  • Today, Expert counts more than 3.600 stores in 21 countries with total retail sales of more than 13 billion € in product areas such as: consumer electronics (TV, audio etc.), mobiles, IT-products (Desktop, Notebooks, Printers, software, accessories etc.), Major- and Small domestic appliances.
  • We are the Experts!
  • We are the most competent retailer (“the Expert”) in the area of Technical Consumer Goods (TCG).
  • We offer our customers more security for making the right decisions.
  • We offer our customers full services.
  • We are fast and friendly and able to offer tailor made solutions.

Our strategy is based on four pillars (4Bs), aiming that our National Retail Organizations are offering the best level of advice and services to our customers:

  • Basics: we are a selling and servicing group which offers the most professional retail multichannel environment
  • Buying: our National Retail Organizations are centralizing the buying power of the independent retailers in order to offer competitive prices to our customers, with a full assortment on & off line
  • Branding: the expert brand is associated to competence in our industry
  • Be digital: our unique way of multichannel in our countries is based on the proximity of our existing off line stores, combined with a personal approach & communication with our customers.