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Expert CR: Ecological recycling of appliances

Take-back of electrical equipment

Since August 2005, take-back, separate collection, subsequent processing, and recycling of discarded electrical equipment have started operating in the Czech Republic.
The obligation to take care of the second part of the life cycle of electrical appliances is stipulated by the Waste Act for manufacturers and importers of electrical and electronic equipment. They set up so-called collective systems for this purpose.

In order to fulfill this obligation for large and small household appliances, tools, and instruments, a non-profit joint-stock company ELEKTROWIN was established as the operator of a collective system for the joint fulfillment of the statutory obligations of the manufacturer.

Collection network

The ELEKTROWIN collection network consists of more than 8,000 collection points. In addition to a thousand collection points in more than 800 cities and towns, it consists of almost 2,600 last-seller stores, almost 4,000 municipalities involved in mobile pick-ups, and more than 700 schools involved in the Let’s Clean the World! The collection network thus covers over 93% of the population of the Czech Republic.

After the start of the Recycle with Firefighters program in April 2011, the places are gradually being expanded to include volunteer fire brigades, resp. municipalities where these churches operate and thus approach even places where there is no collection yard.

Take-back of electrical equipment in Expert CR stores, our partner from the Czech Republic,  and on the e-shop: 

Electrical equipment must not be disposed of with mixed waste but must be disposed of in designated areas, ie in collection yards or in places where it is recovered. With the purchase of a new appliance, you are entitled to a free return of the old appliance. If you have the goods delivered by a carrier, when choosing the method of transport, also choose the additional service “Removal of the old appliance”. When a new appliance is delivered, the old appliance will be taken away from you free of charge using the “piece by piece” system. If you buy a new appliance in a store, you can return the old appliance directly to the store when you buy a new one.

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