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Peter Weiss: Talks With The Member Of The Board At Expert International

Peter Weiss, CEO Czech Republic
Peter Weiss, the managing director of Expert Czech Republic and a board member at Expert International, has announced his retirement after a successful career in the retail industry spanning several decades.

We spoke with Mr. Weiss about his time at Expert Czech Republic, his thoughts on the current state of the retail industry, and his plans for retirement.



Peter Weiss, CEO Czech Republic


 What motivated you to pursue a career in the retail industry, and how did you get your start?

It was never my aim to start in administration, but when I started at K+B Expert in Germany after school, everybody had to work the first year in the warehouse, the second year in the retail store, and ….. this was my final station.
After I took over the HiFi department and the role of the deputy manager, borders opened in 1989 and millions of Czech and Slovak people arrived in our shops to purchase.
We started to open our stores with a state-owned foreign trade company in Czechoslovakia and in 1991 also our wholesale activities. In 1993 we got the license from Expert International to build a local organization, which was founded in 1995. Since 2000 we have been an official shareholder of Expert International.



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