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Unieuro S.p.A returns to Messina

After three years, Unieuro S.p.A, our partner from Italy, returns to Messina with a new direct point of sale in a location with a commercial area of about 1500 square meters in the past managed by Papino/ Trony.

Not only that: three new Unieuro affiliated stores were also inaugurated this morning, in Brescia, Fiumicino, and Mazzarone Catania, thus strengthening the presence of the sign in the country, from Piedmont to Sicily.

The comment of Luigi Fusco, Chief Operations Officer: “In thanking colleagues and affiliated entrepreneurs who have worked hard in view of today’s new openings, we confirm our goal of guaranteeing Unieuro the best territorial coverage in an omnichannel key, which remains one of the cornerstones of our market consolidation strategy.
We are also very happy to return to directly guard the important Messina area, which three years ago we were unfortunately forced to leave. Today we maintain the commitments made at the time, for the benefit of customers and our own collaborators who thus find an adequate position in their territory of reference.

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