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Electro World won the prestigious Superbrands Award 2022

Electro World won the prestigious Superbrands Award 2022
Electro World brand succeded in defending the title/award of the Czech consumer Superbrands 2022.

Electro World, our partner from the Czech Republic, has received this award for the seventh time since 2016.

The Superbrands title, which has been awarded in the Czech Republic for seven years after its renewal, is only awarded to brands that pass a multi-round selection process, including a consumer survey by the GfK agency.


We defended the title for the seventh time in a row, on the basis of a selection procedure consisting of several rounds in which business results and consumer preferences were evaluated according to research by Incomind.

The winners were decided by an expert committee of the Brand Council of the Czech Republic, which annually consists of experts from the field of business, communication, marketing, media and, last but not least, marketing research.

“The commission decided on how well the brand is known on the Czech market, how it builds its brand here, what its prestige is and what innovation it brings with it,” says Hana Veleková, the newly appointed marketing manager of Electro World.

“The Czech Superbrands 2022 award for the Electro World brand is proof that the ways of our business and our long-term approach to customers and services are going in the right direction,” adds H. Veleková.


The international organization Superbrands was founded in 1994 in Great Britain, from where it has spread to more than 90 countries on five continents during its long existence. A pilot version of the project was operating in the Czech Republic just after 2000.

Later, in 2013, this brand was renewed in the Czech Republic. The reason for awarding Superbrands awards is to identify the best brands in local markets using unified criteria and methods. Since 2014, there are two categories, namely B2C (Consumer Superbrands) and B2B (Business Superbrands).

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