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Expert SA Cares: taking care for the elderly and disabled

Expert SA Cares: taking care of the elderly and disabled

Team members of  Expert SA, our partner from South Africa and their CEO Jonny Aarons recently visited Itlhokomeleng Association for the Aged & Disabled in Alexandra, Johannesburg.

Association was established in 1978 by Dr. Marjorie Manganye and they currently have over 100 elderly and disabled individuals that they feed and care for.

The commitment of Dr. Manganye and her team is admirable. They are hardworking and caring and make a real difference with minimal resources. Besides taking care of elderly and disabled in Itlhokomeleng, they also have an outreach program which enables them to feed and care for people outside the association. They truly live up to their name, Itlhokomeleng, which means “help yourselves”.

Since Expert SA Cares believes in supporting local community, they decided to pay them a visit to see how they could help, spent some time with the residents and donated eight De’longhi Heaters to make their winter a little warmer.

We look forward to assisting them in the coming months and living up to the Expert slogan #HereForYou.

In South Africa, the “Gogos” and “Mkhulu’s” are an integral part of their community – they are the elderly storytellers who nurture the next generation in order to promote their culture and provide for their families so it is of great importance to take care of them just as Itlhokomeleng Association cares.

Expert SA Cares: taking care of the elderly and disabled

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